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The end of the world happened before your colony ship ever puked you out onto the toxic surface of this godforsaken planet.  Now you're just trying to survive.  What else do you want to know?

The Planet – has it actually got a name?

Preserves – high rent districts, on account of the un-irradiated water and plant life that doesn't try to kill you.  You don't live here.

Prefabs – ready-made cities just waiting for you to find ‘em. In theory, it’s where you should be living. Of course, with the way the terraformers went bad, it’s anybody’s guess what you might find in one.

Hardholds – squat pimples of not-exactly-civilization.  They probably won't leave you outside to die just out of spite, and they probably won't pull off your skin and wear it as a jacket.

Zerkers – will pull off your skin and wear it as a jacket.  Maybe they'll even kill you first.

Zombies – what happens when you don't burn the dead.  And fuck, did it take people a long time to realize that's what you had to do… so they're easy to find.

Colony Ships – tend to fall out of the sky every so often.  Poor saps inside don't have a goddamn clue.  That can make them useful, especially since the ships have the best tech.  It also makes them a serious fucking liability once they set foot planetside.



Main Page

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